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In the implementation of its action plan to eradicate the disease, Noma Fund relies on the commitment of its contributors, both public and private. What is the purpose of the donations to Noma Fund? How to make a contribution? Can it give entitlement to a tax deduction?

What is the purpose of the donations to Noma Fund?

The project “Acting against Noma 2021-2030” includes a comprehensive and ambitious action plan aimed at drastically reducing the number of Noma victims in Africa and in all areas infected with the disease.

Also, the donations to Noma Fund are primarily intended for:

  • the implementation of the actions planned within the framework of the 3 phases of the project (awareness, prevention, hospital project),
  • the deployment of volunteers on the field. They are the ones who will ensure the implementation of the actions mentioned above,
  • and the training of local health workers, for autonomous and effective management of Noma patients, and complete eradication of the disease in the long term.

Donating to Noma Fund means making a difference, and actively helping to restore hope to many children in the world’s poorest areas, who are still suffering from a disease that is easily curable.

How to make a donation?

In order to facilitate and secure the donations to Noma Fund, the association is using various platforms dedicated to this purpose. Make your donations in complete security via one of the following platforms:

Tax deduction

The French tax system provides that donors to associations and bodies of general interest may benefit from tax advantages (article 200 of the General Tax Code).
This is the case for Noma Fund donors, who are entitled to claim this tax credit up to 66% of the actual donation, and up to 20% of the total amount of their tax return.
In order to allow its donors to benefit from this tax deduction, Noma Fund is currently taking the necessary steps to provide them with a tax receipt to serve as a proof to their tax centre.

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