African Regional Hospital

The creation of an African regional reference hospital, which will provide appropriate and autonomous care for Noma patients, represents a key step in the disease eradication project, led by the humanitarian association Noma Fund for children.


Hospital and care centres



The objective of this third phase of the humanitarian association Noma Fund is to ensure the surgical management of complications of Noma patients, and the psychosocial management of 100% of Noma victims. We plan:

  • to create care centers,
  • and the construction of an African reference hospital.

In parallel with the awareness and prevention phases of the project, we will start the construction of care and social reintegration centres in the 10 project countries (Cameroon, Chad, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, CAR, DRC and Senegal). These structures will make it possible, on the one hand, to prepare victims of Noma complications before they are sent to the reference hospital, and on the other hand, to ensure their gradual reintegration as soon as they return from surgery before a final return to their place of origin.

The technical coordination team of each target country will coordinate the recruitment of a multidisciplinary team on site so that it can carry out a complete follow-up of the victims identified and treated as part of our action.

Regional Hospital & Care Centers

eCare centres

The project of our humanitarian association for children provides for the construction of care centres in each of the target countries. They will take care of Noma patients before they are admitted to hospital and after their surgery. Thus, they will be able to benefit from preparation for care before their intervention, and from a social reintegration plan afterward.

The regional reference hospital for Africa

The African Reference Hospital will be built simultaneously with the care centres, and will specialise in the provision of surgical and rehabilitation care. It will welcome victims of Noma complications, as well as people with all congenital or acquired facial malformations. A site near Yaounde-Nsimalen International Airport in Cameroon has already been identified for this project, in order to facilitate access to these facilities.

This project to build a referral hospital aims to ensure that any child on the waiting list of care centres receives comprehensive surgical treatment for complications of the disease and high-quality rehabilitation.

Medium and long-term implementation

During the first years of operation, expatriate practitioners from specialized centres outside Africa (from Europe, America and Asia) will come to Africa to carry out surgical operations on site at the regional reference hospital in Africa. Gradually, a transfer of skills will make it possible to set up a team of surgeons of various African nationalities, who will take over in a sustainable and independent manner.

The operation of the regional hospital will be autonomous for the 10 years of the project. Operating expenses (salaries…) and new investments (renewal of equipment…) will be covered by Noma Fund, in order to ensure the continuity and smooth running of the activity. However, a management transfer will gradually take place in the last few years, until it is fully handed over to the Ministry of Public Health of the host country at the end of the project. It will be based on a Memorandum of Agreement specifying the commitments of host states to continue activities related to the monitoring and management of possible cases of Noma, as well as the most common risk factors.


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