Awareness-raising missions

The awareness phase is the first phase of Noma Fund’s charitable action. This first step should lead to a better understanding of Noma disease, as well as the factors that contribute to its development.






The purpose of our charitable action

The aim of the first phase of the project “Acting against Noma 2021-2030″ is therefore to raise awareness of Noma among at least 80% of the community, and to promote basic prevention methods to reduce the disease.
This purpose concerns the 10 countries integrated into the project (Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Democratic Republic of Congo), and targets as a priority those most likely to be affected by the disease. Schools and families are at the heart of this first phase of our charitable action, the results of which will be seen fairly quickly.

Awareness-raising actors

This awareness phase will be carried out in collaboration with the communication and social mobilization services of the Ministries of the 10 target countries of the project, in charge of health, family and social affairs, as well as education. The preparatory missions for the project will allow for a gradual impregnation that should lead to strong advocacy involving all the key actors involved in the successful implementation of the project.

The coordination teams of each targeted country will assist local actors in the setting up and contextual implementation of the mobilization plan. Emphasis will be placed on decentralizing interventions in order to be able to act directly and more effectively on the epicentre of the disease.

Means of action

In order to ensure the success of this first phase, all communication channels will be used, namely: picture banners, posters, flip-charts, radio and/or television messages broadcast in local and/or official languages on public, private and community radio and television channels, educational talks within women’s groups and associations, criers and griots trained in the ambulatory dissemination of messages in the communities…

The main targets of our charitable action are families and schools, due to the age group most affected by the disease (children under 6 years of age). In the long term, Noma Fund hopes that a sustainable communication chain will be created to keep local populations alert about Noma risk factors.

Awareness-raising messages

The content of the awareness-raising messages will focus on 3 main areas, namely:

  • the promotion of good eating habits,
  • the promotion of personal and oral hygiene,
  • and the promotion of good practices in the event of a health problem.

This awareness phase will most often be coupled with prevention activities conducted on a quarterly basis over a period of 15 to 30 consecutive days from the expected start of the project in 2021.


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