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Our missions

Discover all of Noma Fund’s humanitarian missions, as well as all the means of action we are implementing in the fight against Noma disease.


Our awareness-raising activities are of crucial importance. Through this initiative, we aim to enable local people to take charge of their children’s lives.

Hospital project

Noma Fund plans to implement care centres, as well as a regional reference hospital in Africa, for the rapid and effective care of the victims of Noma.

Our humanitarian missions

Noma Fund is a fundraising initiative, set up to encourage global solidarity to end one of the greatest abominations of our time, “the faceless children”. The ultimate aim of the fund is to raise awareness, prevent the occurrence of the disease, and manage cases of complications of this disease at first on African territory within a hospital based in Africa, by African practitioners gradually trained, and then on the other areas concerned by the disease.

The project will be managed in each country by a local technical coordination team that will work in liaison with the people in charge within the ministries involved in the project, focal points of each phase. A regional technical team based in Cameroon will coordinate the entire project and humanitarian missions.

A steering committee, including the project promoters and the designated representatives of each government, will deliberate on the various strategic choices, as well as on the budgets dedicated to each phase of the project. This body will meet at least twice a year, and will act as a board of directors for the project. The project governance rules, as well as all other procedural manuals related to the project, will be validated within this steering committee.

Prevention and awareness

Communication campaigns aimed at the general public will promote a healthy lifestyle and emphasize the importance of adopting healthy eating habits.

The prevention and awareness phases of Noma are a key issue in the fight against the disease. It is through this initiative that Noma Fund aims to enable local populations to appropriate the tools needed to fight Noma, and to enable children in the world’s poorest regions to escape this devastating gangrenous disease.

The stakes of awareness-raising

As part of our humanitarian missions, the awareness-raising phase consists of carrying out field actions among the local populations and actors, including families and schools. The involvement of the public authorities of the target countries is a sine qua non condition for the success of the project.

Prevention and humanitarian mission

Local health workers are at the heart of this phase of the action plan to fight Noma disease. By providing them with quality equipment and training in first aid, they will be able to detect the disease and manage patients as soon as the first symptoms appear.

Prevention and awareness

Project of a reference hospital

A local management system

The construction of a regional reference hospital in Africa is a key objective of Noma Fund‘s project. With state-of-the-art equipment, this hospital will allow Noma survivors to consider maxillofacial surgery operations directly on the African continent, performed by local practitioners trained in the latest techniques in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Care centres in each country

This hospital project goes hand in hand with the creation of care centres dedicated to the rapid and effective treatment of Noma patients. In the 10 African countries included in the project, Noma patients will be welcomed into these facilities in order to prepare for their care in the reference hospital. Noma Fund also intends to support these people in their social reintegration, after their reconstructive surgery operation.

This 10,000m² plot of land located 8 minutes from Yaounde-Nsimalen airport was made available to the project by the Cameroonian government

How can I support Noma Fund?


By making a donation

To make a donation to Noma Fund is to get involved in the fight against Noma disease, and to give hope to children in the world’s poorest areas. These donations will contribute to the construction of the Africa Regional Reference Hospital, as well as raising awareness among local populations and training local health workers in the field.

By joining Noma Fund

Joining Noma Fund means helping to spread our message, which is both a source of distress and hope. This message must be heard by our governments, so that the children of Noma can look forward to a better future. Our members are helping to expand this message and encourage the implementation of concrete actions on the field.


By signing our petition

Noma Fund’s humanitarian mission is to give greater visibility to Noma disease, with the aim of eradicating it from all parts of the world by 2030. To this end, we have launched a petition to UN member states to ensure that politicians are aware of the disease, its consequences and the means required to eradicate it.

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