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  • Missions

The creation of Noma Fund association aims to set up actions to fight Noma disease, with a view to its complete eradication.

Therefore, Noma Fund has initiated the project “Acting against Noma 2021-2030”, which provides for field actions and in particular:

    • the implementation of awareness and prevention campaigns among populations at risk in the areas affected by Noma, namely Africa, South America and South-East Asia,
    • the construction of an African regional reference hospital for free surgical care of Noma victims, as well as first aid and social reintegration centres.
  • Means

The Association intends to achieve its purposes by implementing the following means (non-exhaustive list):

– the sale, usual or occasional, of any products or services falling within the scope of its purpose, or likely to contribute to its realization

– the organisation of various events and demonstrations, and if necessary the organisation of newsletters, memoirs, publications, debates, courses and conferences,

– the implementation of any judicial or extrajudicial action useful for the achievement of its purpose,

– any means of communication and promotion useful and necessary for the achievement of the object, or likely to contribute to it.

Noma Fund, in its desire to improve knowledge of the disease, and to raise political and social awareness, also plans to advocate at the international level for the eradication of this scourge which symbolizes the deep poverty of people living in the poorest regions of the world.

Members of Noma Fund

The Association is composed of:

  • founding members, namely Mr. Albert Roger Miller, Mr. Joseph-Antoine Bell and Dr. Georges Barthélémy Nko’Ayissi,
  • members who have voluntarily joined the Association (the “Active Members”).

* These abbreviated statutes of Noma Fund Association are for information purposes only. For the consultation of the legal statutes of Noma Fund, please contact our teams at 

Bodies and Procedures

The Association is managed by a board of 3 members: a president, a treasurer and a general secretary. The President is responsible for implementing the decisions of the Bureau and ensuring the proper functioning of the association. The treasurer is in charge of the management of the association and keeps regular accounts of all operations. The Secretary General assists the President in his administrative tasks.

The ordinary or extraordinary general meeting is composed of all the Members. The ordinary general meeting is held at least once a year within six months of the end of the financial year and whenever necessary.

The meeting shall be chaired by the President or, failing that, by his treasurer or his secretary general.

  • Ordinary General Assembly

The ordinary general meeting hears the President’s report on the management of the Association and its financial situation in particular; it approves or rectifies the accounts for the past financial year, appoints the President, authorises all acquisitions of buildings necessary for the achievement of the Association’s purpose, all exchanges and sales of these buildings, as well as all mortgages and loans and, in general, deliberates on all questions of interest and all those submitted to it by the President, except those involving an amendment to the Statutes. The deliberations of the ordinary general meeting shall be taken by a simple majority of the votes cast.

  • Extraordinary General Assembly

The extraordinary general assembly shall have the power to amend all provisions of the Articles of Association, to dissolve the Association and devolve its property, to merge or transform the Association, to create a subsidiary or other institution, an endowment fund or any other structure having a link with the Association. In general, it has the power to take all decisions likely to call into question the existence of the Association or to undermine its essential purpose. The extraordinary general meeting may only validly deliberate if at least 50% of the Members are present or represented. No quorum is required on second notice. The deliberations of the extraordinary general meeting are taken by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast.

The deliberations of the general meeting of Members shall be established by statement and signed by the President or his alternates, who shall deliver, together or separately, any extract or copy thereof.

Resources and responsibilities

The Association’s annual resources include:

  • the fees paid by its Members,
  • the income from the property or securities it owns,
  • income from publications, contributions to expenses obtained on the occasion of events that it organizes or in which it participates,
  • income from goods sold, or services provided by the Association,
  • the financial subsidies that would be granted to it and the remuneration paid by certain users of its services,
  • any other resource authorized by law or regulation.

The Association’s property alone is liable for the commitments entered into on its behalf, without any of the Members or directors being personally liable for these commitments.


In the event of dissolution of the Association, the extraordinary general meeting shall appoint one or more liquidators who shall have the broadest powers to realise the assets and discharge the liabilities, after any resumption of existing contributions by known contributors or beneficiaries. The net proceeds of the liquidation shall be vested in an association with a similar purpose or in any public or private institution recognized as being of public utility.

* These abbreviated statutes of Noma Fund Association are for information purposes only. For the consultation of the legal statutes of Noma Fund, please contact our teams at 




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