Noma Fund association

Noma Fund association aims to completely eradicate Noma disease. Discover the association, its commitments, and the personalities behind the project

Noma Fund, for the fight against Noma

Noma Fund is an association created by Roger Milla, Joseph-Antoine Bell and Dr Georges-Barthélémy Nko’Ayissi, to fight Noma disease. This disease, which affects over 140,000 children aged 2 to 6 years each year, is still prevalent among the poorest populations in South America, South-East Asia and Africa.

To overcome this, Noma Fund has launched the project “Acting against Noma 2021-2030”, which provides for the establishment of targeted and effective means of action to eradicate the disease.

The celebrities involved in the association

Behind Noma Fund are two celebrities from the world of football, Roger Milla and Joseph-Antoine Bell. These two former glories are committed to the fight against Noma, and wish to put their notoriety at the service of this cause that is close to their hearts.

It is with Dr Georges-Barthélémy Nko’Ayissi that they launched Noma Fund association in 2019, and implemented all the necessary means for a better knowledge of the disease, the systematic care of Noma survivors, with a view to its eradication.

Noma Fund members

Registered in the Official Journal, Noma Fund association is composed of founding members and volunteer members who have joined the association.

Noma Fund’s volunteer members participate in the association’s actions to the best of their ability and will. By making a donation to the association, by sharing petitions in favour of the fight against Noma, or by sharing their commitment with their family and friends as well as on social networks, they contribute to a better knowledge of the disease and to the eradication of Noma.


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